Farm Labor

Securing a reliable and competent workforce for our farms is essential to agriculture and the North Carolina economy. NCFB continues to work for responsible immigration reform legislation that includes workforce stability and a guestworker visa program that works for all of agriculture. The House Judiciary Committee has announced plans to move an agriculture guestworker bill in the coming months so that farmers can continue growing our food and our economy with the assurance that their labor needs will be met.

Labor Survey

In an effort to update the NCFB Labor Survey conducted in 2012, NCFB has initiated a 2017 Farm and Forestry Labor Survey aimed at collecting critical information related to migrant and full-time labor needs of North Carolina farms and forestry operations. The 2012 effort and survey results were key in working with North Carolina General Assembly members to push back against a state mandated E-Verify program in North Carolina, and exempting farmers from that program. With a new administration in Washington, D.C. looking at immigration reforms, and most importantly a workable guest worker program for agriculture, the updated survey will document workforce needs and issues to help craft sound migrant labor legislation for farmers going forward.

Adverse Effect Wage Rate

Each November the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service publishes farm labor survey-based wage rates that the US Department of Labor (DOL) uses to determine the AEWR for the upcoming year. Members of the Congressional Delegation sent a joint letter to the Secretary of DOL and Secretary of USDA referencing the concerns with the current program and methodology for setting the AEWR.